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COMLat is the consolidation of a communication consulting proposal initiated by me in 2011 with a hallmark: seniority at customer’s service on a day-to-day basis, exactly the opposite of the standard market model.

Our base strategy for any communication initiative is to achieve the best positioning of the company, brand or organization; and thus, directly improve the business goals.

With a multidisciplinary back office team, using a combination of tools that arise from tactics and actions, in order to deliver a complete development of each idea.

And without borders: COMLat is also communication in Latin America, where we have already developed projects in various countries such as Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia and Chile.

Our goal? To add value, and we are passionate about it! And how does communication make a difference in your company? How does it help achieve your goals?

We know how to do it. And we enjoy every success and every time our customers shine, and the brands stand out through the boundless possibilities of communication!

Paola Lattuada
Founder & Director

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